Black Dog #3 - Of Salt & Silt


We came from this place before we even knew ourselves. Ages passed, and we returned, not as inhabitants but as outsiders. The call of the sea rings eternal, a siren song that grips us with curiosity and fear in equal measure. Unable to resist, we cling to the shallows or pass over the abyss in our fragile vessels, ever vulnerable to its whims.

Our desolate borders, so far removed from the clamour of their own history, entrance us yet with their soul-feeding rhythm. Perhaps, in our age of knowledge, some of its awe and mystery is lost, but the sea’s primal allure still draws us to lonely beaches and wind-swept dunes. Staring out across the tide, below the crashing waves, we hear bells toll in the deep.

- 80 page, perfect bound zine
- 1x Double-sided insert Card
- 1x Random Black Dog sticker